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  • In-line X-ray Chip Counter LX6000

In-line X-ray Chip Counter LX6000

Category::SMT, EMS X-Ray


• Counting Speed: 15-25S/ Reel
• Inspection Accuracy: >99.8%
• Min. Package: 01005
• One-butt on operation, automatic counting
• Specially for incoming inspection and inventory management

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• Fast speed and High ac curate Chip counting, reducing labor cost

• No chip damage or lost with non-contact counting

• Compatible of<t>l80-380mm tape reel

• Automatic link with ERP & Shop Floor System

• Shielded cabinet protection to guarantee No leakage of X-ray

X-ray Images:

Item Definition Specs
System Parameters Dimension 1650*960*1700mm
Weight 1500kg
Power 220AC/50Hz
Power Consumption 0.8kW
Tunnel Size 440mm
X-ray Tube Type Closed
Max.Voltage 100kV
Max.Current 3.5mA
Spot Size 0.4mm
Detector Type Line Array Scan
Minimum Imaging Unit Size 0.1mm
Detection Parameters Maximum Inspection Speed 0.lm/s
Detected Project Size 30-450 thickness les s Than 50mm
Type of Smallest Compa tible Component 201
Accuracy >=99.8%
X-ray Leakage <1μSv/h

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