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  • SMD X-Ray Chip Counter CX6000

SMD X-Ray Chip Counter CX6000

Category::SMT, EMS X-Ray


● SMD chip tap&reel , IC package counting ● Electronic components production , shipping storage and inventory management ● Production components quantity check

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● Fast speed and high accurate Chip counting,reducing labor cost 
● One-button operation,Automatic counting .
● Minimum component size 01005
● System Accuracy >99.8%
● Count time<10s 7''S/Tape & Reel 
● Count time<18s 17''S/Tape & Reel 
● Auto-scan barcode with scanner or camera 
● New label printing with P/N and quantity 
● Integration to ERP & Warehouse system 
● Capable for interface with intelligent storage system 
Model CX6000
Max.Voltage  100kV
Max.Current 3mA
Spot Size  0.4mm
Working Method   Stand alone 
Imaging system  Line scan camera
Scanning accuracy   >99.8%
Scanning size 440 X 60 mm
Minimum material size 01005
Display 22''LCD Display
Dimensions 1700 X 900 X 970 mm
Weight 1000 kg
Safety <1μSv/hr(<0.1mR/hr)5cm away from the housing
Control  Keyboard/Mouse, Integration with the scanner ,Intelligent camera ,Barcode printer , counting result automatic transfer to MES & ERP system
Automatic detection  Standard
Applications  Electronic components production, shipping, storage and other management counting
1. Focus size is a variable, please contact Unicomp Technology for more information
2.Radiation Safety Statement: All Unicomp Technology X-ray equipment manufactured meets the requirements of FDA-CDRH in CFR 21 1020, 40-J for long cabinet X-ray systems. The FDA-CDRH stipulates that the amount of X-ray radiation overflowing from any surface of the X-ray cabinet system must not exceed 0.5 milliliter/hr.2''. The X-ray system of Unicomp Technology is less than 15 times the specified value.

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