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Smart Industry Cloud Platform and Remote Control Management System

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  • Products, solutions and servic
  • Products, solutions and servic


    With extensive expertise, rich experience and comprehensive research, Unicomp Technology has successfully developed and produced X-ray scanner for public safety, On line LX series X-ray machine for testing lithium battery, AX Series X-ray equipment for semiconductor and electronic assembly test, FX Series X-ray equipment for PCB circuit board inspection, RF / RY series X-ray equipment for industrial nondestructive testing, UN series X-ray machine for foreign materials and safety detection Equipment, SC series special cleaning equipment and customized non-standard automation products. In addition, Unicomp Technology bring new cooperate ways with other international designers and manufacturers, unremittingly improve our product line, which has always been far-sighted to guide the industry and the market.

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    Guided by openness and industry standards, by our expertise in the field of X-ray, Unicomp Technology continues to provide optimal services. With our strong operations and management team, as well as efficient, professional technical staff Unicomp Technology provides targeted solutions and comprehensive services. in the installation and use process. We welcome partners from all over the world. We are committed to providing high-end x-ray intelligent inspection equipment and a complete solution for the industry. Sincerely look forward to working with you!

    • Products, solutions and servic
    • Products, solutions and servic

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