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Congratulations of Unicomp President Mr.Liu Jun won "2020 China E&Y Entrepreneur Award"

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International business”Oscar”--\"E&Y Entrepreneur Award 2020\" results announced, Mr. Jun Liu, founder and chairman of Unicomp Technology, was awarded the \"E&Y Entrepreneur\" award in 2020. ...
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International business”Oscar”--"E&Y Entrepreneur Award 2020" results announced, Mr. Jun Liu, founder and chairman of Unicomp Technology, was awarded the "E&Y Entrepreneur" award in 2020.

The E&Y Entrepreneur Award is organized by E &Y, one of the big Four international accounting firms, First held in the United States in 1986, the award has now been extended to 140 cities in 50 countries and over the years has honored hundreds of the world's most successful and innovative entrepreneurs.

The globally recognized award recognizes outstanding entrepreneurs who inspire others with exceptional vision, leadership and achievement.It’s recognized as one of the world's most influential international business awards by the business community, comparable to the "Oscars" of the film industry.Li Shufu, Cao Dewang, Liu Yonghao, Ma Weihua, as well as the founders of IFLYtek, MINISO and transsion have all won this award.


The 15th "Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Award 2020 China" has lasted for nearly six months, ten outstanding entrepreneurs from the Chinese mainland and Hong Kong/Macao were selected from hundreds of outstanding business candidates nationwide to receive this award.

The campaign was to "Know your challenge, Go far and beyond" as the theme,aims to commend those outstanding business leaders who have not forgotten their original aspirations, uphold the mission of building dreams with ingenuity, and rejuvenating the nation through industry, forge ahead, bravely innovate, and fulfill social responsibilities under the severe situation of COVID-19 prevention and control, And give the highest recognition to their achievements.


Dr.Jun Liu is the founder and chariman of Unicomp Technology, he led an international professional team to study the basic physics theory of X-ray technology, focusing on the application of micro-focused X-ray technology in Semicon, SMT and PCBA , lithium battery, aerospace & military, industrial castings and homeland security. The research and development achievements have been recognized as national core technology achievements, and it has more than 400 patents and Copyrights at home and abroad.


Through technological innovation and transformation and upgrading, Dr. Jun Liu has led the enterprise on the road of high-quality development. The company has developed a variety of industrial applications of radiographic detection equipment, to achieve import substitution, and established the leading position of Unicomp technology in a number of domestic subdivided application fields, at the same time, the products are also sold to more than 60 countries.


Dr. Jun Liu said, "I would like to thank the judges for recognizing the outstanding ability and determination to seize the opportunity of the E& Y Entrepreneurs Award, the Chinese economy because of the outstanding entrepreneurship to ride the waves, shining!"

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