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  • AX8200MAX X-ray inspection equipment
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AX8200MAX X-ray inspection equipment

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◆ Ergonomics design 

◆ The imager rotates and tilts at a small opening angle of 60° 

◆ CNC programming running detection 

◆ Automatically measure the void ratio of solder joints 

◆ Information Security Identification System 

◆ Ray energy monitoring system

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Product manual

As a new generation of upgraded and optimized AX8200, it can easily respond to the comprehensive and multi-angle product testing needs of different users.

Product description

● Beautiful appearance design, equipped with large stage and desktop detection area
● The imager can perform 60° rotation and tilt detection and non-destructive magnification
● Small opening angle ray source also realizes 60° high-definition real-time imaging
● CNC programming running detection and matching with 24-inch full-display touch screen operation interface
● Powerful image analysis and measurement tools, automatically measure the bubble void ratio of solder joints
● Rotary lifting console integrates newly developed information verification safety identification and ray energy monitoring system

Application areas:

Used in semiconductor, SMT, DIP, electronic component testing, covering IC, BGA, CSP, flip chip and other package types testing, and can also be used in automotive parts, aluminum die-casting molds, LEDs, batteries, photovoltaic industries and molding Special industry testing such as plastic and ceramic products.

Detection images:

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