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Two New X-ray systems will be released during Productronica China 2020

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The ProductronicaChina2020will be held atthe National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai) from 3thto 5thJuly 2020.The exhibition willshow bothdomestic and foreign manufacturers of electron...
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The Productronica China 2020 will be held at the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai) from 3th to 5th July 2020. The exhibition will show both domestic and foreign manufacturers of electronic manufacturing equipment, which covers the entire electronic manufacturing industry chain. Productronica is the world's leading international trade fair for innovative electronics production, and Productronica China is the top electronics / semicon exhibition in Asia, also a very important show for the Electronics / Semicon X-Ray Inspection machine. Unicomp Technology, as the leader of X-Ray intelligent inspection equipment, will undoubtedly attend the exhibition, here cordially invite you to visit Unicomp booth at  D540 in Hall 5.1for X-Ray technology discussion!




Productronica covers the entire electronic manufacturing industry chain. Unicomp Technology is committed to providing perfect X-Ray intelligent detection solutions for the electronic manufacturing industry. Unicomp will exhibit 4 sets of electronics / semicon X-ray detection systems.



LX2000 is an online X-ray detection system, which can reduce manual intervention on the production line, automatically judge and sort defective products, and improve the detection efficiency to the greatest extent. Its widely used in SMT, BGA, CSP, flip chip, led detection, etc.



AX9100 is equipped with a 90-130kV, 3μm X-ray source and a million-level high-resolution FPD detector. With magnification up to 1600X, high resolution real-time imaging, 7-axis linkage, 360 degree full angle rotation detection, it is a high-performance electronic manufacturing X-ray detection device. It has a wide application on SMT, BGA, Semiconductor, package components, etc.



Unicomp electronics / semicon X-Ray inspection systems are widely used for the detection of IC, semiconductor, packaging components, IGBT; PCBA solder joint, LED, lithium battery, electronic connector; Solar energy, photovoltaic (silicon wafer welding spot) etc. It has the advantages of high magnification, multi-function platform, automatic calculation and so on. Meanwhile, Unicomp can carry out X-ray system according to customers requirements to match the production line.




Chinese electronics industry is riding the wave, Unicomp Technology has been following the pace of scientific and technological development, adhere to basic research, constantly promote technological innovation, upgrade equipment, to provide more new development of the electronic industry with professional X-ray detection technology.




Unicomp technology hopes that this exhibition can inspire innovation with various electronic manufacturing peers, and help the electronic industry to accelerate the development of innovation!




To know more information about Unicomp electronics/semicon X-Ray system, please feel free to contact us by email: or visit our website:, Thank you! 

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