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Unicomp Present X-ray Technology in NEPCON NAGOYA and Automotive World NAGOYA 2021

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The 4th NEPCON NAGOYA and Automotive World Nogayawill be held at the Portmesse Nagoya, Japan from October 27th to 29th 2021, which is Japan\'s leading exhibition gathering the latest technologie...

The 4th NEPCON NAGOYA and Automotive World Nogaya will be held at the Portmesse Nagoya, Japan from October 27th to 29th 2021, which is Japan's leading exhibition gathering the latest technologies and products for electronics R&D and manufacturing such as SMT mounters, AOI, SPI, testing equipment including X-ray and 3D CT AXI Inspection Machine , electronics components, materials, PCBs, and Automotive Die-casting parts, etc.

As a leading intelligent X-ray inspection System Integrator, Unicomp Technology is committed to providing perfect X-Ray intelligent detection solutions for the electronics manufacturing industry, In this exhibition, unicomp will showcase new X-ray detection technology and high performance X-Ray equipments which are specialized in application of electronic & semiconductors detection and non-destructive technology. Welcome to visit Unicomp booth at 16-17,Hall 3,Portmesse Nagoya, Japan.

Unicomp several X-Ray models for electronics & semiconductors detection:

The X-Ray model AX8200MAX is an upgrade model based on Unicomp AX8200, in order to further enhance product competitiveness and equipment performance, AX8200 has been upgraded to AX8200Max since early of 2020, which has a larger inspection area for PCBA samples,adopting cutting-edge AI software algorithms, more automatic inspection and intelligent result judgment functions, and various MES data integration interface is seamlessly connected.


Unicomp X-Ray model AX9100 integrated with 130kV tube and high resolution FPD (Flat panel detector), 7 axis manipulators can be able to achieve 360° detection.


LX2000 is an online X-ray detection system, which can reduce manual intervention on the production line, automatically judge and sort defective products, and improve the detection efficiency to the greatest extent. It’s widely used in SMT, BGA, CSP, Flip-chip, LED, etc.


In addition to the X-Ray equipments for electronic & semiconductors detection applications, Unicomp X-Ray machines also used in non-destructive testing industry,such as automotive parts, castings manufacturing and other heavy industry detection area.

If you’d like to schedule an onsite visit to NEPCON NAGOYA or Automotive Nagoya 2021, please visit our booth in Hall 3 at booth 16-17, or Please contact with us via or visit our website: Looking forward to seeing you!

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