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  • What Is The Advantage Of The X-Ray Tester? What Is Its Advantage?

    X-ray tester for multi-layer circuit board (PCB), circuit board assembly (PCBA), lithium batteries, semiconductor packaging, the automotive industry for the internal position of the object after the specimen and the shape of the perspective of observation and found that the problem, Qualified, and watch the internal situation.
    X-ray tester Scope:
    1. IC package inspection;
    2. Some internal detection of metal devices;
    3. Capacitors, resistors and other components of the detection;
    4. Short circuit, open circuit, empty, cold welding detection;
    5.BGA, CSP, Flip Chip detection o PCB board welding;
    6. electric tube, lithium batteries, precision devices such as internal flaw detection structure.
  • How Does Unicomp's X-Ray Radiation?

     If the excessive absorption of X-ray, will cause harm to the human body, which, Unicomp X-ray machine protection measures are as follows:
     1. X-ray machine body shell is the use of three-layer structure of steel lead steel design, and the use of 3mm lead plate to block the X-ray damage to the human body.
     2. Visual glass windows are also installed with lead glass, thickness: 21.6mm.
     3. Safety interlock function. Only to meet the following conditions to open the X-ray, front door and back door at the same time closed, front door 2 high sensitivity close to the switch at the same time open. Otherwise the X-ray will automatically cut off immediately.
     4. Electromagnetic lock protection function. When the X-ray is open, the front security door can not be opened.
     5. US FDA certification. US FDA is full of: US Food and Drug Administration (Food and Drug Administration). US FDA regulations, X-ray related equipment, must comply with safe radiation leakage standards: <= 0.5mR / Hr. Unicomp in 2008 has been made FDA certification , Certification number: 0810141-000.
  • What Is The Difference Between AOI And X-Ray In SMT Testing Equipment?

    Function is not the same Do not confuse AOI The basic principle is through the light reflection to check whether the correct placement of components, the location is good whether there is leakage and other adverse equipment, etc. X-RAY is X-ray, the principle is to use X-ray penetration Metal material properties, such as BGA and other components, such as whether the welding is good or not short-circuit phenomenon.
  • Can Your Battery Test Equipment Detect Battery Charge And Discharge, Battery Withstand Voltage?

    Hello, our battery testing equipment, the use of x-ray on the battery is very poor positive and negative, pole piece alignment, whether the short circuit, the internal solder joint conditions of the precise imaging test; you said about the characteristics of the battery test, Do not have this feature.
  • Hello, Will You Ask Where Is Your Company Address?

    Hello, we have three companies, headquarters in Wuxi, Shenzhen, Chongqing as a subsidiary, (choose a close from it), you are welcome to come to guide. Address: Chongqing Beibei District No. 71 Tongxing South Road, Silver Steel Industrial Park Wuxi - Wuxi New District Hongshan Street Xigong Road Electrical and Mechanical Park 208, Guangming District, Shenzhen High-tech Industrial Park Bangkai Road on the 9th Bangkai Technology Industry You can go to Baidu, Gaode, Tencent, Sogou or 360 map search "Unicomp Technology" can navigate to our company.
  • Battery X-Ray Detects What Is Detected?

    X-ray detection is to detect the alignment between the positive and negative electrodes of the cell, that is, at least the negative pole is required to wrap the positive electrode to avoid local lithium, resulting in safety problems. The detection equipment is radioactive, but the equipment is protected and isolated. Need to safety certification, the line when the door is closed, you can rest assured that the use of the detection process is like shooting X-ray film, like to read the image transmission.

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