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Career Development Route

1. Managerial Classes: Clerk——Assistant——Executive——Supervisor——Deputy  Manager——Manager——Director /Deputy G.M.
2. Technical Classes: Junior Technician——Technician——Senior Technician —— Assistant Engineer——Engineer——Senior Engineer——Supervisor——Deputy Manager ——Manager——Senior manager——C.T.O./Deputy G.M.

3. Diversified development route with employee value orientation will be taken according to respective personal ability and their own expertise.


Talents training

Talent is the guarantee of business success. High-quality talent will be absorbed into organization , at the same time , all kinds of internal training opportunities will be continuously provided to employees .
According to each employee's ability and their own special skills, Unicomp Technology will provide a series of training programs and opportunities for advancement. Company will also provide internal training, external training, 

department of professional knowledge in depth training based on individual position requirement, and select key management personnel, technical personnel for overseas training periodically.
Through a series of learning and training to encourage and support employees to discover all their potential. After the implementation of the training program, an evaluation will be taken to prove the training effect. Training result 

will be recorded in the H.R. department as an important basis to staff mobility, pay-rise and promotions.
Company is also aware of the importance of good leadership, the cultivation of the leadership focuses on employees. The staff as enterprise's core competence, is necessary for efficient and powerful leaders. Each class need to master 

These capabilities is to be mastered in different enterprise phase, and are applicable to each employee, as well as a must to enhance respective personal value in Unicomp Technology.

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