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The necessity of X-ray inspection for SMT BGA soldering quality control

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With the advent of 5G, especially the high integration, high density, miniaturization of packaging, and high process requirements in the electronics industry, detection efficiency is particularly imp...
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With the advent of 5G, especially the high integration, high density, miniaturization of packaging, and high process requirements in the electronics industry, detection efficiency is particularly important. Many manufacturers are not particularly clear about what role X-Ray can play and how to use X-Ray to improve the process and reduce the defect rate. Most manufacturers buy X-Ray because of the needs of customers. Those who are forced to buy X-Ray alone do not actually understand the important role that X-Ray can play in the production line.

With the increasing application of bottom terminal package components such as BGA, CSP, LGA, visual inspection and SPI, AOI has no ability to effectively inspect its soldering quality. The current new detection techniques, such as section analysis, dye analysis, etc., require destructive treatment of PCBA, which will undoubtedly increase production and manufacturing costs. The X-Ray inspection equipment uses the X-ray transmission principle to perform non-destructive inspection of the invisible solder joints on the bottom of the package. It does not require rated cost, and the inspection is fast and accurate. It is widely used in electronic assembly and failure analysis.

In the production process of PCB boards, there are often problems of empty soldering, false soldering, and virtual soldering. The occurrence of these problems will cause the circuit to work abnormally, showing up and down instability, and then it will bring serious danger to the debugging, use and maintenance of the circuit. Eliminating the problems of empty welding, false welding, and false welding is a compulsory course for companies, and it is also a compulsory course for companies to detect whether a board is good or not.

Regarding the detection of false welding, the detection methods are constantly updated, from the initial manual detection method to the AOI detection method, and then the electromagnetic test and the now popular X-ray detection method. The detection skills are constantly improving, and More efficient and faster. The manual detection method is the most traditional method. Simply put, it uses manual detection one by one, which not only takes a long time and is prone to missed detection, so no one will choose the manual detection method; AOI detection method is efficient and fast However, if the PCB board is placed in the wrong position or there is oil on the surface of the board, the detection results will be greatly reduced; electromagnetic testing, using the principle of resonance and alkaline detection, can detect defective products to a large extent, but the operation of the test bench is complicated , The details are cumbersome, and the experiment is difficult to play its role without calibration; X-ray detection method, that is, the circuit board is irradiated under X-ray imaging to find the empty spot of false welding. The operation of the software can be used to multi-position, multi-scale PCB board detection, simple and easy to operate. There are pros and cons to various methods, so choosing the one that suits your company is the right one. In terms of cost performance and testing results, most companies still recognize the X-ray testing method.

X-RAY testing equipment is mainly used for SMT, LED, BGA, CSP flip chip testing, semiconductors, packaging components, lithium battery occupations, electronic components, auto parts, aluminum die castings, molded plastics, ceramic products and other special Detection. For information about X-RAY inspection perspective, you can consult Unicomp Technology which is a professional X-Ray inspection equipment manufacturer integrating R&D, production, sales and service, and has received a lot of praise in the industry.

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