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Unicomp LX2000 AXI X-Ray equipment are widely applied in Electronics and Semiconductor Industry

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Unicomp LX2000is a new online AXI X-Ray inspection system with attractiveappearance, big inspection area, high resolution and large magnification. The system uses closed X-ray source and flat plat...
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Unicomp LX2000 is a new online AXI X-Ray inspection system with attractive appearance, big inspection area, high resolution and large magnification. The system uses closed X-ray source and flat plate detector FPD as the core parts, which has good detection effect. Support various products of automatic loading, automatic inspection and judgment with super cutting-edge software algorithm, automatic sorting of good and NG products. Rail transmission system, large inspection area and high resolution digital flat panel detector can be connected to the SMT PCBA and IGBT for full online inspection with high productivity.

Online X-Ray is widely used in circuit board industry, semiconductor packaging, automotive industry, PCBA industry and so on. Usually, online X-Ray is used to observe and measure the position and shape of the internal objects after packaging. If the products do not meet the requirements, they can be eliminated in time to reduce the defect rate. In addition, it is also used to observe whether there are any problems inside the product, such as soldering, pins, internal pores, etc.

LX2000, an online X-Ray device, is a star product of Unicomp Technology. It is suitable for semiconductor, SMT, DIP, electronic components testing, covering IC, BGA, CSP, flip chip and other packaging types testing, but also can be used for automotive parts, aluminum die casting parts, LED, battery, photovoltaic industry and molded plastics, ceramics and other special industries testing.

On-line X-ray equipment advantages:

1. Automatic feeding, automatic detection and judgment, automatic sorting of good and bad products. Rail transmission system, large detection area.

2. Seven-axis linkage system, support CNC programming automatic high-speed position running, new digital flat panel detector, can be connected to the SMT production line for high productivity of automatic online full inspection.

3. Rework database management, online real-time display of detection data and determination results, meanwhile save detection images and original images, support rejudgment and generate data reports, easy to view and analysis.

4. Formulation data management, real-time monitoring of all actions, signals and hardware status, and presenting on the software operation interface, supporting MES/ERP system customized access.

5. The whole equipment safety interlock, triple protection function, any part of the surface of the fuselage can meet the European and American countries safety radiation standards.

6. The X-ray source adopts the world's top closed X-ray tube, with long service life and maintenance free.

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Machine Overview:

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