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加盟 让事业安全起航

At the beginning of the heart

Japan Science and Technology unswervingly explore and implement its own characteristics of the channel construction and management model, improve the distribution network operating efficiency and market operations to ensure that the annual sales targets to achieve, and between manufacturers to establish a more solid Strategic partnerships that ultimately reduce costs, increase efficiency and enable consumers to share more benefits. For this common goal, special development of global investment policy.


  • Technical advantages

    Technical advantages

    Focusing on X-ray technology development for 15 years; built a provincial X-ray engineering technology research center; with academicians and experts workstations; commitment to national major scientific and technological projects "02 special", "863 project" and new areas of X-ray detection equipment research and development; Authorized intellectual property rights of 210 and 28 software copyright; enterprise self-built "X-ray machine based intelligent detection of large data applications and management platform" won the Guangdong Provincial Government Science and Technology Award; with the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Tsinghua University and many other universities and research institutions Cooperation.

  • Operational advantage

    Operational advantage

    More than 300 people research and development, production, sale, quality professional team; to produce more than 500 Taiwan models of various security machines to protect adequate supply; perfect incoming inspection, process testing, and shipments testing multiple quality assurance procedures; To ensure rapid delivery cycle; domestic 5 large area with technical service personnel and commonly used spare parts storage; enterprises through the ISO9001 quality, ISO14001 environment, OHSAS18001 occupational safety and health, and ISO27001 information security management system certification;

  • Advertising advantage

    Advertising advantage

    Annual public safety, police equipment and other professional exhibition 20 games
    Industry professional print magazine, network platform advertising
    National provinces and municipalities Security Association and Express Logistics Association member units
    A variety of special technical exchanges and networking activities tour
    Baidu, 360, Sogou, HC Network, Alibaba and other platform to promote the auction



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