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Dear User friends:
First of all, thank you for your concern. In order to better for you and other consumers to provide high-quality products and better service, our company carried out the survey activities, hoping to get your support and cooperation, thank you very much!
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Your company is in the field and industry?

How does your company know about RUF technology?

What brand of X-ray / X-ray machine is currently used by your organization

Do you have a plan for X-ray equipment purchases in the near future?

What is your satisfaction with the technology and services of Nikkei Technology?

What do you think we need to improve (multiple choice)?

I would like to ask you more attention to which aspects of the product (multiple choice)?

What are the technical problems that your company can help in the production process by X-ray detection?

Do you have any comments or suggestions on our company's products?

Your advice or opinion on the union

For feedback on product aftermarket, please